Friday, February 10, 2006

Are you a lifelong learning? ( Você é um aprendiz para toda a vida?)

As vezes pensamos que estamos fazendo um favor aos nossos pais ou responsáveis em irmos à escola, em estudarmos para as provas... Você já pensou assim? Mas será que isso é verdade? Tudo o que eles querem é que sejamos BONS ALUNOS...
But what does 'BONS ALUNOS' mean? Será que é somente tirar notas boas? and what does 'LIFELONG LEARNER' mean?

Leia o texto a seguir e descubra.

A Good Learner Is Someone Who…
actively participates and is enthusiastic about learning.You don´t have to be smart!
cares about the material and about what they are learning.
can think critically and interacts with other students!
is aware of when they don't understand and able to communicate that to the teacher. Is curious and always tries...
is not afraid to ask questions and question the teacher.
is open-minded and able to question their own beliefs.
is proactive and responsible for their own learning. Finds out what they need to know and how it fits into their life.
is respectful, open and tolerant of new ideas and information.
remembers to do the homework and asks for help when they don't understand.
reviews class notes regularly.
listens to information and figures out what it means in your life and respects what it means to others.
listens carefully, even if they disagree.
makes full use of class time. Doesn´t just study for an exam.
is motivated and willing to learn always more...
is able to access resources - in and out of the classroom.
never stops learning because he is a LIFELONG LEARNER....!!! Você também é???

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