Saturday, February 11, 2006

Poesias from: "The Vagabond Anthology"

Abaixo estão duas poesias que me gostei quando me deparei com o livro “The Vagabond Anthology” – 1978 - by John M. Bennet
Não que eu tenha me identificado com elas, mas me surpreenderam pelo inusitado e contravenção que é possível perceber nas mesmas.
Love Story - Nila NorthSun

I figure we’ll be together
Why not?
He’s so much a part of me
Yet strange enough
that I can’t take him for granted
forever is until we can’t be together
maybe one of us dies
maybe one will murder the other
maybe one will just disappear
we figure if one of us gets
mentally & physically fucked up
dribbling spit
sittin’ in our own piss
can´t even pick our nose
& lose our mind
we’ll perform a mercy killing
I told him if I
roll my eyeballs twice
then look cross-eyed
it meant I was miserable and
to off me
that’s presupposin’ i’ll even have
that much control
otherwise he can assume I’m relatively
observin’ things around me
reflectin’ on past events
he can leave me in a corner
watching a flickerin candle until
I roll my eyeballs twice
& then looked cross eyed.

Door in Pieces - by John M. Bennet


Lock yourself in a bare, empty room, from which there is no exit.
Throw the key out the window, down a heating duct, or in some other way make it inaccessible to you.

At arm’s length, stand quietly facing the door for 30 minutes.
When the 30 minutes have passed, raise your right arm (or left arm if left-handed) and place your palm flat against the door. Stand this way for another 30 minutes.
When these 30 minutes have passed, walk around the room until you find the right place to sleep, then lie down and sleep for several hours.
After sleeping several hours,
Get up and break down the door.

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Alexandre Baiocchi said...

Vagabond Anthology é uma coletânea de prosa e poesia da revista literária Vagabond, surgida nos meios literários alternativos da década de 60 em San Francisco. O estilo e a métrica destes trabalhos dão uma conotação revolucionária aos mesmos, quebrando paradigmas estéticos e ideológicos, mediando o trabalho e a escrita de toda uma nova geração de poetas e escritores nos Estados Unidos e no mundo.
Alexandre Baiocchi